Droid Transfer 1.66 Crack + License Key Free Download

Droid Transfer 1.66 Crack + License Key Free Download

Whether you use Samsung Messages, Google’s Messages app, or something else, Droid Transfer 1.66 Crack will show and back up all of your messages in that app. PDF, HTML, and Text are all options for saving your communications. Droid Transfer stores not just the text of your messages but also the attached media, including images, emoticons, and videos. Wide Angle Software’s Droid Transfer is a high-quality utility program for Windows computers. It’s a manager for mobile devices that makes managing Android gadgets from a computer a breeze. They will have the ability to backup data, share files, and do much more.

Droid Transfer Crack

Overall, Droid Transfer Crack is a viable alternative for simplifying and streamlining the management of your Android smartphone. It displays everything in a neat and orderly fashion, eliminating much of the guesswork involved in exploring subfolders. The process of transferring is straightforward and comprehensive, covering pretty much everything on your device. Recommended. However, there is still room for development, and it relates to the interface. While it serves its purpose and is simple to operate, its aesthetic has seen better days. Keep in mind that the free version only allows you to back up a meager 5 emails and 50 media items.

Droid Transfer Crack & Key Free Download

By connecting your Android phone to your computer with a USB connection or through your local WiFi network and using the free Transfer Companion app for Android, you can transfer your SMS and MMS Messages. Even between Android devices, you can share text messages. Droid Transfer, like Moborobo and AirDroid Desktop, allows users to access and manage virtually all of the data on their Android handset. For new users, there is a free, capped version with the option to upgrade to premium for a one-time fee.

Save a copy of your texts on your computer. Then, when you need to retrieve messages that were deleted by accident or transfer them to a new Android device, just use the backup. Your voicemails can be stored as PDFs, HTML pages, or plain old text files. Droid Transfer Keygen will also store the time and date that each message was received, as well as any attached media. The software allows users to copy their text messages and multimedia message exchanges from an Android device to a personal computer. The program allows you to save messages as PDF, text, or HTML files, as well as print them.

With Droid Transfer, you can sync your Android device with a computer via a USB cable or a local Wi-Fi network. Droid Transfer allows you to save the contents of your Android phone’s inbox and contact list to your computer, from where you may later restore them to another Android phone. The program also allows you to save text and PDF communications from your Android phone to your computer. The software would also record the times and dates that SMS messages were received, as well as any attached media, such as photos or videos.

Droid Transfer Crack Full Free Download

The program also includes an Android photo manager. Photos taken with your phone can be viewed in their full resolution on your computer, deleted on the spot, and backed up wirelessly to your desktop. Droid Transfer may back up your phone’s call logs, calendar events, and contacts to your computer, where they can be imported into Microsoft Outlook. There’s also a file manager for Android built-in, so you can transfer data to and from your phone with ease. Droid Transfer is a piece of software developed for Windows that allows you to easily back up your Android handset. Try Droid Transfer if you’re concerned about losing data on your smartphone and not being able to retrieve it.

For your reference, or even as evidence in a legal dispute, the tool prints out messages along with any attached photos and the timestamps of when they were received. You may easily transfer music from your Android phone to your computer using the music manager that is included with Droid transfer software. You can also see your music library on your Android phone, stream it wirelessly to your computer, and sync your iTunes library. Connect your device to your computer with this software and back up all of your important data, including text messages, multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages, photos, videos, contacts, and more.

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Important Features

Archive and Publish Messages

Droid Transfer makes it easy to copy text and multimedia messages from an Android device to a personal computer. All emojis and timestamps are preserved, and you may choose to save the messages in a variety of formats like Text, HTML, or PDF. The notices can be published immediately if desired.

Handle Images

With Droid Transfer, you can easily move pictures between your Android device and computer, or vice versa. It also has a smart “Save New Photos” function that only backs up images that haven’t been saved before. The app also allows you to browse your complete photo collection and eliminate duplicates with a single click.

In-Sync Music

With just one click, you can move music from your phone to your computer with Droid Transfer. People switching from iPhones to Android phones may appreciate that iTunes can be synced with their new device. In addition, thprogrammme csynchronizeise the music folders on your computer and phone, so that both are always up-to-date.

Swap Phone Numbers

The contacts on your Android phone can be exported to your PC. The vCard files that contain the contacts can be opened in both Windows Contacts and Outlook. You can also download them as.csv files, which contain an Excel-like contact data list. In addition to letting you add, edit, and delete contacts from your PC, the app also lets you back up your Android device’s contacts and restore them on another Android device.

Transfer Data

With Droid Transfer, you can organize all of your Android device’s data from any computer. Files can be viewed, copied, saved to your computer, deleted, and transferred between your phone and computer. This method of handling Android data is really practical.

Duplicate Schedules

The calendar on your Android phone may be backed up to your PC using Droid Transfer. The calendar can be exported to Outlook and then imported onto another device. This safety net assures that you will never miss a crucial appointment, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

To Save Phone Records

Only 500 call logs, including timestamps and phone numbers for incoming and outgoing calls, can be saved on an Android device. With Droid Transfer, you can save your call history to your PC, where it will remain safe from accidental deletion.

You can use WiFi or a USB cord to connect to Droid Transfer.

Droid Transfer’s ease of use in establishing a connection between Android devices and Windows computers is one of its strongest features. Both Droid Transfer (for Windows) and Transfer Companion (available in the Google Play Store) need to be set up on your Android device. Both a USB cable and your wireless network can be used to link the devices together immediately.

Droid Transfer Crack


  • Facilitated use
  • Prompt and dependable
  • Allows for a wide variety of data and file types


  • Outdated user interface

Droid Transfer Activation Code






  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 are all good to go.
  • RAM (random access memory) requirements: 512 MB minimum.
  • Free space on your hard drive is required, and we recommend at least 50 MB.
  • A processor with at least two Intel cores is required.

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